Coco’s Soul Food, Preston

This afternoon I had plans to visit the Continental’s 10th beer festival, in Preston. Before you go drinking hopefully copious amounts of booze, you need food in your belly. Beer festivals and empty stomachs never mix well, it’s a known fact (I have done extensive research to prove this), and I’d been wanting curry goat for quite some time.

I have to fess up, last time I had curry goat, I had meant to take pictures of it, as I was planning on starting this blog a month back, but as soon as it landed in front of me, Drunk Kris (who is a classless idiot) threw his face into the plate, eating it all as fast as humanly possible, so this time I made sure I was sober, adjusted my monocle and cravat and returned to Coco’s Soul Food.

2013-05-30 15.36.14

There was no need for looking at the menu, I knew what I wanted. I wanted curry goat, rice and roti. And a can of Lilt, for that “Totally Tropical Taste” (when in Rome, eh?). I came with two friends, but they weren’t eating, one having just scoffed a toastie at the Mystery Tea House, and the other feeling woozy after a two hour tattoo session, and began threatening that I would make them taste my goat (not a euphemism.)

Three plates of curry goat arrived, er, a bit of a mix up, I only ordered (and paid for) one plate, but we did politely let them know that, had the others been a bit hungrier, who knows what may have happened.

2013-05-30 15.45.01

I almost made the same mistake of diving in before taking a photo, so I did disturb the perfect mound of rice, before remembering to take a photo. Last time I tasted this, I was hammered, but it was gorgeous, and I’m happy to announce that it was still gorgeous. The best curry goat I have ever had (and I’ve had it at quite a few places, now!) The goat was fall apart tender, like lamb, slowly cooked in a stew until it falls away, just with this super strong meaty taste, and the spices were perfect, not too spicy, and a lovely hint of cinnamon coming through, too. The rice was tasty, too. It had some spices through it that made it a bit extra special.

However, the roti deserves a new paragraph all of it’s own. I’d never had roti, until the last time I visited Coco’s. I would like roti with every meal I eat from now on, please. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Crunchy on the outside, slightly fluffy on the inside, with a slight sweetness to it. I would happily just have a bowl of curry goat and 3 or 4 crispy, crumbly rotis. Mmm. Rotis. I love rotis. The rotis are at Coco’s are amazing, and I would like to compare them to more rotis, just as an excuse to eat all of the rotis.

There’s more stuff on the menu at Coco’s that I can’t wait to try. Who fancies a trip to Preston? I want to try lots, but I can’t do this on my own!



I tend to make a habit of visiting Coco’s quite a bit, and a bit of a tradition seems to be developing of Sara and I visiting before Preston Ukulele Strummers Society, the ukulele club I set up in Preston, so back in August we popped in for a bite to eat before an evening of strumming, singing and supping brews.

As much as I like to see it doing well, it is nice going to Coco’s in August, as it’s not rammed with students, and you can hear yourself think. Sara ordered the Chicken Shawarma off the regular menu, and I opted for the Mango Chilli Chicken off the specials board.


Sara enjoyed her shawarma, if not completely authentic compared to the ones she enjoyed in Kuwait, but are probably as close to authentic as she’ll get in England. The chips that came with it are something special, however, and come with a little pot of mildly spicy sauce.


I however didn’t have such an enjoyable meal. When my mango chilli chicken arrived, it looked nice enough and well presented, however the first bite was overly hot. This soon went by, and I could tolerate the heat, if only a little hotter than I am used to, so I asked for a bit more cucumber, just to help cool my mouth down, this request seemed like quite the ordeal for the fella behind the counter, who grumpily handed over three tiny discs of cucumber on a plate to me.

Once I’d got half way through the chicken, I started to notice another flavour that wasn’t mango, chilli or chicken. It was a distinctly fishy flavour, I wondered if I was simply going mad, and asked Sara to try a bite, and she confirmed it wasn’t me, it did taste of fish. I wonder if the chicken was cooked on the same hot plate as fish had previously been cooked on, because it sure tasted that way.


So unfortunately I had to leave about half my meal, I really couldn’t get past it tasting of fish. Off we went to Preston Ukulele Strummers Society to rock a bit of the Soggy Bottom Boys and other songs…


7 thoughts on “Coco’s Soul Food, Preston

  1. try the coco’s pasta.. yes they named the dish as “coco’s pasta” n trust me, the dish deserves that. You won’t regret eating that!

    1. Hmm, I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of pasta, I rarely eat it, and rarely enjoy it. It’s the sort of thing that I’ll eat and think “That’ll do”

      I’m realising I’m becoming quite particular in my ways.

  2. Try a burrito!!! If they ask you if you would like it ‘extra spicy’ say no, trust me…. The regular ones are simply brilliant though!

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