Marco’s Cafe, Hebden Bridge

I love spending time in Hebden Bridge, it’s a great town in Yorkshire, filled with quirky shops, brilliant pubs, about 10000 coffee shops (I am only slightly exaggerating there), delis, bakeries, butchers, and some great places to eat out, too. For an artistic person, or a foodie, Hebden Bridge is a great place. I like to consider myself an artistic foodie, in the sense that I play an instrument, and that is my reasoning for calling myself artistic (many may disagree with that).

My brilliant friends, Mary and Rob (Rob is a super talented luthier, who specialises in building ukuleles, and you should check out his work at took me to Marco’s Café earlier this year, and since then I have been hooked on Marco’s delicious pizza, and I have now introduced my dad to Marcos, and on Sunday, when we had a meeting for A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (I’m going to keep shoehorning this into my posts), Sara and I descended on Marco’s for a pizza afterwards.


Marco’s is very much a community style café, the furniture is eclectic and mismatched, there a few toys for smaller children to play with, a computer in the corner, usually on an Italian news website, with music being played from a playlist on the computer, and a teeny tiny weenie kitchen.



Sara and I regretfully only ordered one pizza between us, we weren’t particularly hungry, but felt that we could have made room for more if we really gave it a try.


This is what amazing pizza looks like, foolishly I forgot to take notes, being sure I would be able to remember what the pizza was called, but I can remember the toppings, which was Bolognese sauce, roasted chicken and dried ricotta cheese, so hopefully if somebody at Marco’s reads this blog, they can reply in the comments and remind me, and I can amend this. Sara and I sat at our table in silence, basically, the only sounds coming from us being those that are created when you try and shovel pizza into your face as fast as you can because it is that delicious. The pizza base is astoundingly thin, like, wafer thin, you can see it’s been cooked at a super high heat, and for not very long, with the bubbles of air in the base. The Bolognese sauce was meaty and rich with tomato, and there was no shortage of chicken on the top, too. It was yummy. Yes, I just used the word “yummy” in a food blog, get over it.


Soon the pizza was all gone, and we were sad. We wish we’d ordered two pizzas, but we were happy we had eaten the best pizza we have ever had in our lives. I needn’t worry, as I am sure I will return soon, trips to Hebden Bridge to visit Mary and Rob, or have meetings for A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival are regular, and I just bloody love pizza, and can’t get enough of Marco’s pizza. I wonder what I shall go for next time?…

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