Revolution, Blackpool

I have to be honest, this is a blog post that would not exist if we hadn’t visited Forum in Preston a month ago. I did think “since this is a chain place, there isn’t much point in reviewing it,” however I am making an allowance on this occasion because it provides an interesting counterpoint to our experience at Forum.

We had visited Revolution for cocktails a couple of times previously, on trips to the cinema or just when mooching around town, this time we were visiting for lunch. We’d got a 2 for 1 offer from a current promotion on their website, and decided why not go for it, the menu looked pretty decent for a chain bar.


We were greeted by a waitress when we sat down who talked us through the cocktail menu, and left us whilst we made our choices of cocktails. I had the G And Tea, “Tanqueray gin with a hint of elderflower, tea and tonic,” this is possibly the most manly cocktail I have drank here, the previous two visits being a Porn Star Martini and an Earl Grey Martini. Yes, I like tea. This cocktail was properly refreshing and had a great summery punch to it, which is good, because outside it was blowing a hooley, and whipping the grey Blackpool sea into a foam against the sea wall.



Sara had a classic cocktail, a Long Island Ice Tea“Stoli vodka, Cointreau liqueur, Bombay Sapphire gin, Bacardi Superior rum & Sauza tequila with a squeeze of lemon then topped with Coca Cola.” Quite why I have never tried a Long Island Ice Tea before, I’m not sure. They’re delicious, why did nobody tell me this? This will be a cocktail I shall drink in the future.


After bringing our drinks to us, we ordered our mains and relaxed. I’m surprised how enjoyable it was in Revolution on a Saturday. I was worried when we were arriving to see a large group of “lads”, possibly on a Stag Do walk towards the door, and then thankfully walk away again, perhaps they spotted that there were families eating in there at the time, and decided it wasn’t for them right now, maybe later in the evening when it becomes a more clubnight environment. It was busy inside, and we did struggle to find a seat, but after we found one, we felt comfortable and the bar didn’t feel overcrowded as there was a good amount of spacing between tables, something that was a problem at Forum, where the tables were practically on top of each other. We didn’t have to wait long for food, only about 10 minutes, at a packed out bar, again, compared to Forum where we waited half an hour in a practically empty bar.


I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich, which came with coleslaw and skin on fries. I added a side of onion rings, because I do love onion rings. The chipotle pulled pork was tender, and moist, however I would have been happier for it to be a bit spicier, I should have asked if they had any chipotle tabasco, maybe. The skin on fries were crunchy and delicious, and a rarity for me, I managed to eat them all. The onion rings were onion rings, nothing special, but nothing wrong with them at all. The bun was a brioche bun, as advertised… unlike Forum, whose brioche bun turned out to be nothing more than a standard seeded bap. My only complaint about the above plate (or board) of food was the pot of coleslaw, which was quite frankly stingy, about a heaped teaspoon of coleslaw in a deceptively shallow pot. I love coleslaw and it really helps to refresh your palate when you’ve had a lot of deep fried and sauce coated yums.


Sara ordered the Bourbon Bad Boy Burger, which I love purely for the use of alliteration in it’s name. I am a nerd. This burger came with 2 burgers, basted in bourbon chipotle sauce, bacon, American cheese and onion rings. On the side was a mug of Cajun dusted skin on fries and a little pot of the sauce. Once again, in the brioche bun as the menu stated, this burger is clearly a very generous portion, and nothing has been crushed down which I like. The Cajun dusted skin on fries had a good kick, and the sauce was delicious.


At Forum, one of my complaints was the cold slates that the food was served on, and the baskets that the fries were in. It meant I couldn’t salt and vinegar my chips adequately, and I couldn’t pour them onto the slate, because there wasn’t enough room, and they would have gone way too cold immediately. At Revolution, the burgers were served on a wooden board, and the fries may have been in a mug, but I could pour them onto the board. I also liked the little touch of Revolution branded greaseproof paper in the mug. Little touches like that appeal to me.

So there we have it, I would quite happily return to Revolution for food next time I’m in Blackpool, perhaps next time Sara and I visit the cinema or want to go laugh at waxworks in Madame Tussauds. It’s a nice environment that is friendly, despite it being part of a chain of bars who specialise in vodka, and the food is of a more than acceptable quality. Next time I think I’ll have the vodka pizza…


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