Home Sweet Home, Manchester

Cake is a major food group, this is an undeniable fact.

On the second day of our Manchester break, Sara and I decided to start the day with breakfast from Ho’s Bakery in Chinatown, so off I popped from our apartment hotel opposite the Printworks to Ho’s Bakery. Only to find it was shut until about 10.30am, so I trudged back and picked up some pretzels from inside the Arndale centre. Meh. Still, this evening we were going to Aumbry in Prestwich, we had that to look forward to.

Knowing that we had a 5 course meal in the early evening, as that was the only time available at Aumbry when I booked, we decided to not to have much in the way of lunch, so we skipped straight to dessert for lunch, and went to Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter.

Their cakes are seriously impressive behemothic confections. Towering cakes, frosted and topped with sweets and other madness. Looking at the drinks menu I spotted Ting, a Caribbean fizzy grapefruit drink, so I ordered this and Sara went for a latte. They brought Sara’s latte and my cup of tea… wait, no I said “Ting”, not “tea”, they apologised, went away, and again came back with my cup of tea… no I said “Ting” not “tea”. Apparently this isn’t the first time this has happened. In the end they didn’t have Ting, so I made do with a tiny glass of Pepsi instead.

Onto the cake.

There was a good selection of cake in the display cabinet, and after umming and ahhing, we went for the Carrot Cake with Creme Brulee frosting, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.


We had decided to try half of each cake and then swap, so I started with the carrot cake with creme brulee frosting. This cake was gorgeous, a lovely spiced carrot cake, and the frosting was amazing, sugary and right up my street with that hint of caramelised sugar. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the bits of cereal on the frosting which had gone a bit stale and chewy.


Sara started with the chocolate cake and was in heaven with it’s rich chocolate flavour, and particularly liked the peanut sweet on the frosting


Then we swapped cakes. It’s interesting that one person can love something, and that be really disliked by another. For me, the chocolate cake was really dry and unpleasant, and Sara really disliked how sugary the creme brulee frosting was on the carrot cake… so we switched back to our original cakes. Sara had a rich chocolate cake and I was on a sugar rush, but because carrot cake counts as one of your five a day, that’s alright, yeah?



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