Turtle Bay – Launch Party, Preston

On Thursday the 27th of November, Lancashire Day in the UK, a new restaurant launched in Preston with a massive party with hundreds of people invited to dance the night away, sample the food and some of the drinks on offer, with live reggae music in the background. The guys at Blog Preston threw me an invite for me and a friend, and a great night was had by all. Here follow some pictures of the restaurant which I took on the Monday morning before the party, and from the launch party.

SAM_1247 SAM_1245 SAM_1244 SAM_1242 SAM_1237 SAM_1240 SAM_1238 SAM_1246 SAM_1236 SAM_1235 SAM_1233

I think it’s worth mentioning that I think the place looks fantastic, it’s lively and exciting and there’s always something to look at. I also like the fabric napkins on the tables, actual fabric napkins are underused!

SAM_1268 SAM_1274 SAM_1278 SAM_1258 SAM_1291 SAM_1290 SAM_1289 SAM_1286 SAM_1277

I didn’t take any photos of the food, because samples were being handed out on trays and people wanted to get to it. I didn’t want to infuriate the poor staff by making them stand still whilst I took a photo, so I’ll leave food photos until I can visit and do a full blog. What I can say is that I tasted some delicious morsels, especially the curried goat which was wrapped in a flatbread. The only thing I wasn’t particularly keen on that I sampled was the chicken curry as it was made with breast meat, and I’m just a thigh meat kinda guy.

SAM_1256 SAM_1257 SAM_1261 SAM_1271

The cocktails on offer were (in order of the above pictures) a House Rum Punch, Bay Caipirinha, Blackwell Mojito and a Wray ‘n’ Ting. The latter I didn’t realise until spotting Wray Rum in a supermarket this weekend is 63% which probably explains why I woke up with a pounding head the following day after drinking a few of these!

It was quite clear that the people of Preston were having a great time at the party, and were grateful of the generosity of Turtle Bay for inviting them for free drinks and food samples, and I’m sure this generosity will be returned to them in the form of paying customers over the next year, coming back for some delicious  spicy Caribbean food!


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