Capri, Lytham St Annes

Tonight when it was coming up to tea time, I didn’t feel like going to the supermarket, getting food, coming home and cooking, and nor did my dad. We spoke about getting takeaway, but decided to go out for something to eat, that way I wasn’t lumbered with washing up, either.

We toyed with the idea of fish and chips, but that didn’t appeal, and then I saw that Capri in Lytham St Annes (it’s kinda posh is Lytham, well, half posh people/half the cast of The Walking Dead*) had an offer on pizzas, buy one, get one free. That sounded like too good an offer to pass up on, as I love pizza!


We entered Capri, and it looks like the sort of place where you wait for someone to show you to a table, so we stood by the door for a few moments, looking like we wanted to be shown to a table. A barman looked at us, and returned to putting glasses away. A waiter looked at us, and returned to rolling cutlery in napkins. We walked up to the bar and asked for a table, the barman mumbled to help ourselves to a table with an air of cold indifference. Not the greatest of starts.


We looked through the menu and the slip of paper with specials, and the waiter, who had an impressive moustache, took our drinks orders first. J20 for my dad, and a coke for me, because the beer choices were just a bit uninspiring. Some craft beers would have been nice, as it stood, it was just bland ice cold lagers.


The coke came in a ridiculous sized glass. The sort of glass I would expect a rum/whiskey/vodka and coke to come in, where your coke is considered a “splash”. Four mahoosive ice cubes, too, taking up valuable coke real estate.

Our waiter took food orders, helpfully saying what wasn’t available just in case, which was good, although we’d not planned on ordering any of these things, nice and helpful!


Both my dad and I went for the calamari with lemon aioli to start, I love calamari and I don’t get it enough. This was particularly good calamari as the batter was super crisp and crunchy.


Even better was that it arrived seasoned with salt, you can even see a flake of salt in the above pictures. Slightly disappointing was the lemon aioli, which could have done with more lemon for my tastes. My dad wasn’t particularly keen on the tentacles, as they’re naturally a bit chewier than the rings, so I swapped some of my rings for his tentacles, resisting an urge to do my best Cthulhu impression with them, mostly because my dad wouldn’t have gotten the reference.


Shortly after plates were taken away, and we ordered more drinks.


Even more cheesed off with this glass of coke, not even full to the rim of the tiny glass! What’s wrong with a proper glass of coke?

Then onto the main event, the pizzas.


My dad went for the Spinachi pizza, with mushrooms, spinach and egg.


He really enjoyed it, and I was surprised he ordered it, I don’t think I can ever think of a time when my dad has ordered a vegetarian meal! It looked delicious, except for the egg, I still can’t get my head around egg on a pizza, and I’ve tried egg on a pizza!


I had the Diavolo, pizza topped with pepperoni, chilli oil and smoked salt.


The overall flavour was great, and I really enjoyed the level of chilli. Some people I know, and they know who they are, would complain that there was nowhere enough chilli on this, but for me, it was perfect. On the minus side, the base had a bit of a soggy bottom, Mary Berry wouldn’t have been happy, but perhaps that’s because of the chilli oil. Still, the bits of the crust I had showed that the base had great taste!

Both of us struggled to finish our pizzas, and decided to ask to have them boxed up to take home. We sat, and we waited. And waited. And waited. It did honestly feel like an age for our waiter to clear our table so we could ask for them to be boxed up.

Eventually, he did come over, thankfully, and leftover pizza was boxed up and the bill brought over.

The service may have been a bit cool, but the food was pretty good, especially the calamari. One other little thing, I did ask if they had limoncello, as I can’t get enough of the stuff, and now I try to drink it following eating at an Italian restaurant, but sadly they didn’t have any. Sort your limoncello act out, Capri! It’s beautiful stuff when served ice cold!

If you want pizza in Lytham St Annes, you could go to Pizza Express, but why not give Capri a try, if it’s between Monday and Thursday it’s BOGOF, so works out much cheaper, and you’re supporting a local business, which will give you a warm fuzzy glow!


*What I’m insinuating there is not that people are zombies, just that the place is like god’s waiting room.


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