The German Sausage House, Blackpool [RIP]


*As of September 16th 2016, I am sad to change the status of this review to RIP more than any other. This place was a catalyst towards booking a holiday in Berlin and for that I am eternally grateful*

Well, this was an unexpected post! Today I was in Blackpool looking for birthday presents, my quite frankly awesome girlfriend, Sara, is turning 30 next weekend and I foolishly said I’d get her 30 presents. I exhausted all my options in Preston so I decided to pay my home town of Blackpool a visit (and it was not a fruitless one, hooray!)

It turns out that birthday present shopping helps you work up a hunger, and as I was toying with which Greggs pasty I was going to begrudgingly eat I spotted the tricolour of Germany and tables outside… this looked interesting


I was going in as soon as the words “The German Sausage House” came into focus, hoping for authentic currywurst. In July, Sara and I are off to Berlin on holiday and just like pizza was my raison d’être in Napoli, I will be all about the currywurst and Berliner Weisse in Berlin! Of course being in Blackpool the cynic in me wasn’t expecting much. Probably a Blackpool local who sourced his ingredients from Aldi, doing an approximation of German food for the tourist market visiting the Winter Gardens.

When I walked through the door and saw Norbert the proprieter engaging in conversation, in German, with a customer, I realised I couldn’t have been more wrong. German food, cooked by a German chef, with German customers. This was going to be proper.


On the wall you can see the menu, listing traditional German dishes, and it’s not just sausage. You can get schnitzel and frickadelle there, too!


I ordered a Bitburger to go with my lunch, crisp German pilsner, as well as making me hungry, shopping is thirsty work so this was a refreshing welcome.


Currywurst with fries and mayo, with a liberal coating of curry powder on the bratwurst, traditional Berlin streetfood. The sausage was meaty and packed full of flavour, and Nobby’s homemade curry sauce was the perfect foil for the bratwurst, not too spicy, but warming and silky. When I’d finished my sausage I wish I had a spoon to also polish off the curry sauce!

There’s not much to be said about fries and mayo, but what I will commend Nobby on is seasoning the fries before they arrived. Salt really does make all the difference!

I’m so happy to have found somewhere in Blackpool I can get something excellent to eat, and I’ll be popping in to try some more traditional German food in the months to come!

Interesting moment that happened whilst taking the outside photo for this blog, a woman came up to me and said “taking a photo of your sausage, eh?”

I don’t think she realised how rude that sounded… either that or she was well aware of how that sounded…


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