Burgers ‘n’ Bibs, Preston

On my last blog post I bemoaned the quality of the restaurant scene in my home city of Preston, so over the coming weeks/months I’m going to try and commit to visiting a few more places to write about in Preston, and hopefully something will surprise me and be completely excellent where I can rave about!

However, I need to start on a low note. In the previously mentioned blog post, I referenced the Lancashire Market, which I have previously massively enjoyed. This Easter Saturday, Sara and I visited the market and we were surprised by how sparse it was. In previous years the stalls have been tightly packed, and taken over more of Preston city centre, but there was a smaller turn out this year, and nothing exciting to eat for our lunch, so we decided to visit the recently opened burger restaurant, Burgers ‘n’ Bibs.


Nestled down a side street towards the more “clubby” end of Preston (an area where I rarely ventured, in fact, the last time I went to a nightclub was something like 5 years ago, dead old me) and occupying the space formerly used by Revolution cocktail bar, Burgers ‘n’ Bibs is the food aspect of Rift Bars.


We ordered cocktails, I went for a very refreshing Lynchburg Lemonade, consisting of Jack Daniels, Cointreu, bitters and lemonade. Whilst I love cocktails, they’re usually not very big, so aren’t always ideal for having with food. This one however came in a massive *shudders* jar, so there was plenty to keep me going through the meal.


Sara went for a Tokyo Iced Tea, a boozy mix of vodka, bacardi, tequila, gin and midori, all topped up with lemonade. Again, a nice refreshing cocktail, and lots of it. Nothing on a standard Long Island Iced Tea, though!


Food was ordered, both of us opting for the “Sweet Cure Maple” burger, an 8oz burger with bacon, bacon jam, lettuce, tomato and a melted cheese sauce, topped with a pig in a blanket, and one of my favourite things ever, a deep fried pickle.


If you’re a fan of condiments, this is a good place for you. Alongside salt and pepper, there is a shaker of chilli salt (very spicy!) and a selection of hot and bbq sauces and chipotle mayo.


I had to make sure I had a bib, I didn’t really need it, as I have no problem getting food to my face.


Two things struck me immediately when looking at my food. Firstly was the tiny amount of coleslaw that came as one of my sides. Sara who has been a few times before has confirmed when her friends have got coleslaw that the ramekin was filled up to the top. Perhaps they ran out?

Another problem with the burger was the lack of a deep fried pickle. Half a cocktail gherkin was instead occupying the space where a crunchy battered or breaded deep fried nugget of deliciousness should be. I completely adore deep fried pickles and I felt really cheated at this. According to Sara, on all of her previous visits the advertised deep fried pickle has been absent with merely half a cocktail gherkin in it’s place.


The burger itself was well seasoned and full of flavour, unlike the bland (and raw in the middle) patties at The Ferret, and the cheese sauce was flat out delicious, all burgers should have that instead of a slice of orange plastic cheese (although that stuff holds a fond place in my heart). The bacon jam was a bit too sweet however, so should I visit again I’d choose something else from the menu… which I just wish had a bit more choice in the way of burgers. Regarding the sides, the coleslaw was delicious, I just wish there was more of it, the sweet potato fries were crunchy but could have done with being seasoned before arriving at the table, and the sweet corn was perfectly cooked and came away from the cob with minimal effort.


They’re very probably the best burgers I’ve tried in Preston, but they still don’t come anywhere close to the burgers you can get at SoLiTa or Almost Famous in Manchester, but this is a positive step in the right direction. A bit more inventiveness in the burgers wouldn’t go a miss, I’m not asking for the over the top madness from Almost Famous, but a bit more inventiveness like SoLiTa really wouldn’t go a miss. At least it’s somewhere I can suggest to people looking for something to eat in Preston.

In other news:

  • Trendy bar for people with expensive haircuts and shiny shoes, Baluga has started serving food under the name “Baluga Kitchen.” Advertised as selling street food I did wonder where the tacos, dosa, Italian fritto misto, currywurst, poutine, karaage, and gyros, etc, were. The menu reads quite “restauranty” with dishes that don’t exactly sing “street food” to me, and a few points of confusion on the menu (under sandwiches, a classic Reuben is listed as being a “noodle bowl” and the same starter is listed twice at different prices)
  • Korova Arts Cafe Bar is moving premises and will be closing it’s doors at Charnley Street on Saturday evening and having an open stage for any performers all evening. More excitingly the space they are moving to may mean there is an opportunity to increase their food output, and I’ve already spoken with proprieter, Sam Buist, about bringing an authentic taste of Mexico to Preston! #ItsNotAllAboutBurritos



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