Marco’s Cafe, Hebden Bridge

A couple of weekends ago I was once again in Hebden Bridge, and not for a jam packed festival planning meeting for A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, which was a nice change. I was there to attend The Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, in particular Kiki Lovechild’s workshop, Clown Skills for Cabaret and one clown show, Sheets (which was just a brilliant show and I do recommend you check out!)

Following the workshop on the Saturday I was in need of food, and I knew just where to go… Marco’s!


The weather was favourable so we took a seat outside at the back, overlooking the Hebden Beck which connects to the River Calder. The same River Calder that devastated Hebden Bridge in the boxing day floods.


I’m not usually one for sitting outside at restaurants, I’m one of those people who attract annoying flying insects determined to make me wave my hands around like a loon.


We started with Marco’s take on a pizza marinara, with garlic marinated olives instead of garlic. Personally, I’d rather have actual garlic over garlic marinated olives. I’m really not a fan of olives, but once removed it was demolished by my face. Marco’s pizza base has gotten better since my last visit, wafer thin and crisp at the edges which got softer towards the centre, reminding me of some of the pizza I had in Napoli.


Sanpellegrino is the best pop to have when not drinking booze. Fact.


Both Sara and I had a Pizza Bianca each, a margherita pizza topped with prosciutto, fresh rocket and pecorino cheese. I’m struggling to find the adequate superlatives to describe Marco’s pizza, so I’m just going to let the photos do the talking.




The best thing about this trip to Marco’s? After sharing a Pizza Marinara as a starter, I couldn’t manage all of my Pizza Bianca, so guess who had leftovers to take home back to my friends? ME!


I’d like to add, please visit Hebden Bridge and spend some money at some of the businesses in this fiercely independent town. There’s only one “chain” shop in Hebden, and that’s a Co-Op, which has it’s roots in industrial northern towns. Hebden Bridge doesn’t have multi-million/billion pound companies investing in it like others. Every shop you will find there is owned and run by a local person working hard. Most places now can’t get insurance following the floods, so please, go visit Hebden Bridge and put some money into the local economy there.



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