Thai Royal, Preston

Beer is wonderful stuff, and recently an excellent pub, The Guild Ale House has opened in Preston. They have an ever changing rotation of 7 real ales, plug keg and bottled craft beer and some real cider (they also sell wine if you’re into that but I don’t have much of an opinion on wine)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but Kris, the title of this blog post is Thai Royal, I was expecting you to talk about Thai food” to which I say, hold your bloody horses, I’m getting there. Just let me talk about an excellent pub first.

Back to the ale house, the beer is kept well, and it’s always busy. It’s a great addition to Preston. Recently my pizza wizard friend, Craig, and I have been popping in for a few ales and  then heading to Thai Royal afterwards. This blog post uses photos from two visits, so please accept my apologies that some photos are rectangular and some are square, it really annoyed me but by the time I’d noticed on the second visit, it was too late and food had already been eaten.


Located towards the bottom end of Friargate, and stuck between a late night takeaway and a sandwich shop is this little gem of a place that I wish I’d been to sooner.


It is primarily a takeaway but there are a few tables with stools along the sides and front should you want to eat in.


Jars of sugar, dried chilli flakes, pickled chillies and a deep fiery sambal are there for you to adjust your meal to your tastes.


On our first visit, Craig went for the vegetable Penang Curry.


Carrot, onion, aubergine, brocolli and more sat in the bowl in a rich peanutty curry sauce.


Egg fried rice was Craig’s choice of carbs. I love egg fried rice, but for me it really doesn’t do the job with Thai food. I’m much more of a Thai sticky rice kinda guy.


Which is exactly what I had! I love how it comes apart in perfect clumps to dunk into the curry sauce.


On our first trip I had the beef massaman curry.


Massaman is easily my favourite, go to Thai curry of choice. Aromatic cinnamon and deep earthy spices coating thin strips of beef, onions and perfectly tender potatoes. Crispy fried onions (yes the type you buy in, I don’t care one jot, they’re delicious) and cashews top this and make it a bowl to get lost in.


On our second drinking session, Craig opts for the vegetable red curry.


Similar to the Penang curry from the first visit, but with a higher level of spice and fire.


Curiosity gets the better of me and I strayed from my usual massaman and went for a golden chicken curry.


Much like Craig’s red curry, this was very much like my massaman but with more spice, and may become my new favourite.

This place may be in a bit of a more run down area of town, and amongst a few dodgy looking takeaways with even dodgier clientele (yes, Pizza City, I’m looking at you and the amount o times I’ve seen fights breaking out in and outside you) but there’s been some investment around there lately, so hopefully things are on the up.

If you want some excellent, and down to earth Thai yumminess without elaborate and pointless carved vegetables pointlessly languishing on your plate, this is the place to visit!


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