Beer 52, May Box

I’ve had a mixed history when it comes to subscription boxes in the past. I had a bad experience with Degustabox, after they had a hurried shop around Holland & Barrett (or so it seemed) and put it in a box to send to me. I then found myself blocked by their social media channels, accused me of bullying their bloggers who they provided products to and accused me of calling them “not proper bloggers” (although I would say people who say “it’s really nice, I can’t wait to try it” are probably fibbing a little)

I then had a great experience with Hello Fresh, and loved the meals I got in the first box, but when the second and third boxes came through, the meals were just uninspiring, so I never wrote about them and called it a day.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but I also ordered myself two hipster boxes of beer as I like to call them, one for Flavourly and one from Beer52. Whilst both services sent an interesting selection of beers, Beer52 were just so much more exciting, and since December I’ve been getting them every month.


When my May box arrived, it was a glorious sunny day, so I took it out to the garden for photos.


£24 a month gets you 8 beers, a copy of Ferment magazine and a snack. Since I love beer I pay an extra £5 and get 10 beers, though! Lovely, lovely beer!


The first beer I tried was Brighton Bier, and there’s not much to say other than I adored this beer. An excellent pale ale with tropical fruit flavours. Also, I love the art deco throwback design to the can!


Love of Work from Siren Craft Brew is a cheeky little Earl Grey pale ale, it has a big taste for such a small beer (only 3.6%!!) My only regret is that it doesn’t have such a strong earl grey flavour as the frankly epic Marble Earl Grey IPA.


942 was an American style pale ale from Spanish brewery, DouGall’s. It had a decent malty backbone, but left me with a slightly metallic tang in my mouth which undid all the good work of what could have been an excellent beer.


Another Bier, this time Sussex Bier by Arundel Brewery. I suppose it’s nice if you like standard lager (for reference I gave it 1.75 on Untappd, whereas Carlsberg I refused to rate, so it’s not bad, just not great)


Eternal was a cracking IPA from Northern Monk, with grapefruit freshness and bitterness. Extremely quaffable.


Vedett was a standard lager, not Carlsberg terrible, but y’know, it’s lager, it’s never going to be amazing. It went really well with a burger, though!


Opal was a jolly decent cloudy wheat beer from Hart Family Brewers. I’m a massive fan of wheat beers brewed with all the flavours you would expect from that style (which always reminds me of those foam bananas)


Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale was a beer which had one mission in life, and that was to get you absolutely tanked! This was purely faultless, strong beers can sometimes be quite hard going but I could drink this all day long and not realise… nor care what damage it was doing to my grey matter. Just wow!


I’ve often been quite critical of Welsh breweries and their inability to make good ale, but The Celt Experience and Tiny Rebel (still hoping for one of their bottles to show up in a Beer52 box) are doing good work to turn my opinions around. Bleddyn 1075. This was a hoppy and hazy American pale, and as is always the case with The Celt Experience, I really did enjoy it!


The last beer from this box was Epic Saison from The Wile Beer Co. A lovely farmhouse ale with citrus sourness, heady spices and fruit notes.


Along with every Beer52 box you get some reading material, what beats reading about beer whilst drinking about beer? Well, probably a lot of things, but it’s still a nice way to spend an evening!


You also get a little snack along with your beers. It’s always been something kinda healthy in my experience, and I would enjoy something a little more on the junk food end of the snack spectrum, but these chilli bites went into little pots to be sprinkled into my salads I took to work for lunch this week and added lovely little pops of heat and crunch!

I have been recommending Beer52 boxes to my friends for a while now, you can customise what sort of beers you get, so I mostly go for pale ales, wheat beers, and pilsners, but when the darker colder months return, I’ll be popping stouts and amber ales back onto my list!

I’m not gonna make any secret of the fact that I would like you to sign up for my own personal gain, although there is something in it for you… if you sign up via my referral link here: you can get £12 off your first box, so that’s 8 beers for £12. Even if you don’t stick with it, that’s properly dirt cheap.

Why not give it a go?


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