Full House Noodle Bar, Lancaster

Situated above an Oriental supermarket in Lancaster, a Full House Noodle Bar is a casual dining place I’ve visited a few times before but never taken photos. Recently I’ve noticed that Stosie from The Parkers Arms mention she is a fan on Twitter, so with a trip to Lancaster planned we decided to stop by for lunch.


After a look in the shop for imported snacks and a wide range of instant ramen noodles, we headed up the stairs at the back of the shop to the restaurant.


(If you look closely you can see me in the above image)


The extensive menu includes some of the classic Chinese dishes you’d get from your favourite takeaway but the best stuff is under the Traditional Chinese and Malaysian Dishes section, which is where we ordered from.


I decided to deviate from my usual Tsingtao and tried a Singha, as with most lagers, it was much of a muchness. Sara had sour plum juice, a liquorice tinged sour fruit juice.


BBQ Pork with noodles was Sara’s choice, there was the option of having it as a soup or dry. With Sara’s wrist in a support she chose to go without the soup! Crispy pork with a sweet BBQ sauce and plenty of noodles coated in the sauce with wilted greens.


I chose the Malaysian Laksa, which came with fried tofu, chicken, pork, fish cake and long beans.


The two meats were melt in the mouth tender, the beans were al dente and had a satisfying crunch, the fish cake was squeaky and pungent from shrimp paste and the fried tofu absorbed all that laksa broth like a sponge. And what a broth it was, mellow enough to be comforting with enough spice to let you know that you’re alive, the sort of spice that sits on your lips , tingling for a good ten minutes after leaving the premises!

I recommend visiting and then buying some supplies on the way out, even if like me and Sara, it was just a load of ramen noodles and some Pocky! Remember, never shop on an empty stomach…


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