GoBurrito, Lancaster

That’s it, I’ve seen the light. The way forward for me is no longer working on Mondays, I’m not actually dreading going back to work tomorrow (and it has nothing to do with having a three day week, followed by a four day long weekend!) I’ve decided I would quite happily work Tuesday to Saturday if it meant I never had to drag myself out of bed on a cold Monday morning.

Today was Blue Monday, a day noted in the gutter press as the most depressing day of the year. Apparently the post Christmas slump, empty bank accounts and failed resolutions make us right miseries, according to science… sorry, according to the PR company behind Sky Travel, definitely not in order to make us buy holidays in order to have something to look forward to. So there I was, the most depressing day in the year and I felt great. I’ve kicked a chest infection that left me wiped out the week before and I’d eaten pancakes for breakfast. I needed to go for a walk to blow away the cobwebs!


A quick pop into the excellent Italian deli in town, Buccelli’s for a caffe lungo and a bacio, and I aimlessly wondered around shops, picked up sandwich fillings for the coming weeks packed lunches and noticed I was getting peckish. Lunchtime discussions at work on the Saturday before revolved around sending someone to GoBurrito but never came to fruition, so I decided there was no time like the present and I was going to be passing by.


I’d originally planned to get a breakfast burrito that I’d seen advertised on their website, sadly this is only an option at their site on Lancaster University Campus. I hope they do bring this option to the city centre location though.




Nevermind, I decided on a medium burrito with shredded chicken, with pico de gallo and extra coriander. I can never have enough coriander, it makes food taste amazing.




There’s a small seating area upstairs, next to the kitchen, so if you time it right you can enjoy your burrito whilst the heady smell of spicy meat is cooking! When I visited there was an excellent soundtrack of classic 90s Britpop playing in the background, including James – Sit Down and Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train.





A nice tightly wrapped burrito, full of spicy tomato rice, refried beans and tender shredded chicken, this also came with a side of nachos with melted cheese, (yes, not grated cheese put on warm nachos to go ever so slightly molten, actual melted cheese poured on top!!) pico de gallo and soured cream. Katie, the in house chef did a great job of balancing the spices perfectly.


Please excuse the photo where I’ve clearly had a bite. One thing I hate seeing on social media is photos of people’s dinner when they’ve already started eating and then stopped to take a photo. Unfortunately there’s no other way to show a cross section of a burrito.

Anybody who knows me at all will know that whilst I love eating, I very rarely finish a meal. I get full very fast, but equally I am hungry soon after. I polished off this burrito, however. Nothing was left after I practically inhaled it.


Finally a note on the drinks, it was great to see a proper Mexican cerveza, the Pacifico Clara went perfect with the burrito. A lot of burrito place just go for Corona and Desperados and call it quits at that. I would however love to see some Jarritos on offer at GoBurrito alongside the standard soft drinks. Sure, they are sugary and sweet as anything, and come in alarmingly lurid colours, but they taste brilliant!

So now on my next weekend shift, I’m definitely voting for GoBurrito to be picked up for lunch!

*Disclosure: At establishments such as this, it’s hard to take photos of your burrito being made without being asked why you’re obsessively taking photos. I’ll always be honest and mention I do a food blog if asked. Maxwell, who made my burrito very kindly gave me the nachos for free as I would be writing about my lunch. It in no way affected my opinion of the food, and the nachos were excellent anyway. In fact, I just burped and it tasted of the pico de gallo, so I just got to enjoy it again!


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