Almost Famous Great Northern, Manchester

Almost Famous wasn’t actually our first choice today, I’d originally had plans on visiting Reds True BBQ, in the time between making the reservation and coming to Manchester, they updated their menu, which lacked all the things we were planning on having. So the plan moved on to visiting the excellent Rudy’s Pizzeria, but thanks to the ineptitude of Network Rail planning work on one of the biggest traveling days of the year, rail replacement buses, complete with shambolic crowd control in Preston, meant that we did not arrive in time to get there and have a good chance of getting served, so plans then moved onto the good old faithful Almost Famous.

After dropping our bags at The Castlefield Hotel and having a swim to cool down, we headed off to the Northern Quarter, and then as we were passing through the Great Northern Warehouse we remembered that Almost Famous has a massive restaurant there.

There’s not much to say about Almost Famous that hasn’t been said, so I’m going to keep this blog post brief. Almost Famous is achingly hipster, it’s alarmingly hipster. God, it’s the hipsteriest place that ever hipstered. The only place more hipster than here is that cafe run by two Irish hipster twins in London, serving cereal. This isn’t a complaint, it’s one of Almost Famous’ charms.

This place is cool, far too cool for me. The music is also far too loud for me, and results in a couple of miscommunications with our waiter, such as confusion over the number of sides of fries… no, we don’t want four portions of fries, plus two burgers between the two of us!

Whilst waiting for our food we enjoyed a cocktail each.

The Fit A.F. Martini really is. Finlandia Vodka, Limoncello, Benedictine, orange flower water, rhubarb bitters, pineapple and candy strawberry all combine for a cocktail that’s taste belies it’s booze qualities, until you add the provided shot of prosecco which helps to remind you it’s alcoholic.

We both had the “Everyone’s Got A Gun In Texas“, a double burger served on demi brioche with cheese, bacon, waffle fries, JD Maple syrup, BBQ pulled pork, redneck BBQ sauce and fried pickles. Maybe because of my absolute adoration of fried pickles, these were my favourite part. As always, the burgers themselves were excellent quality, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Almost Famous.

On the side we had  Chicken Waffle Fries, which were waffle fries topped with buttermilk fried chicken, redneck BBQ sauce, bacon rain and JD maple glaze. Previously we have ordered magic waffle fries (which are waffle fries topped with bacon mayonnaise, bacon bits, JD maple syrup and popping candy!) the chicken waffle fries did not come remotely close to such excellence.

Our other side of fries was Phoenix Fries, Almost Famous’ “winning fries” adorned with bacon rain, shoestring onions, frazzle dust, bacon, bacon mayonnaise and redneck BBQ sauce. Good, but still not a patch on the magic waffle fries mentioned earlier.

I’ll always like Almost Famous, you have a good chance of a decent burger there, and it is fun, and the cocktails are great. As mentioned earlier, the booming Britpop did mean two portions of the fries were brought over, and this was still on our bill, but was soon rectified, and we were on our way to a few of the quirkier bars of the city!


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