A Food Festival in Lancaster?

Ok, so this is going to be my page of sounding out ideas, but I’ve recently been toying with the idea of putting on some kind of food festival event in Lancaster.

Thinking back to the Preston Food Festival which was an absolute horror show, and not that much dissimilar to other events I’ve seen in the north west (I visited the “Christmas Market” at Lancaster brewery in December, and it was much more of the same when it came to food producer stalls, there was a cheese stalls not selling a single gram of locally produced cheese).

So, with this in mind I’m toying with putting on a food… event in Lancaster, I’m hesitant to say I’ll put on a “food festival” as they come with expectations of food vans, and I’m not sure I’d be able to do that, because that requires an outdoor space to hire, and with all things it’s best to start small, so I’m thinking maybe I can call it a “Lancaster Food Fiesta” (mainly because that almost sounds like Ford Fiesta and that amuses me… it’s the small things)

There will be some rules, there will be

  • NO stalls selling Cheddars with adjuncts (see cheddar with garlic, cheddar with black pepper, cheddar with pizza flavours, cheddar with marmite, cheddar with spring onions, cheddar with chillis, etc etc ad infinatum)
  • NO stalls selling wholesale olives, baklava and Turkish delight
  • NO stalls selling wholesale fudge sold as “handmade” (which genuinely is a nothing term, lots of things are handmade, it doesn’t mean it’s an artisan product!)

And if I do manage to organise an event which can feature street food vendors:

  • Absolutely NO effing hog roast

Look, I know this seems elitist and like the actions of a rampant food snob, and you’d probably be right, but it’s from a place of caring about Lancashire produce. The other day I set myself an exercise to think of how many food producers from Lancashire I could think of, off the top of my head, that could be invited to this “Food Fiesta”… and this is what I came up with:

  1. Cockerham Boers (goat meat)
  2. Dewlay Creamery (Lancashire cheese)
  3. Old School Brewery (real ale)
  4. J Atkinson & Son (coffee roasters and blenders)
  5. Filbert’s Bakers (Lancaster bakery)
  6. Cool Cow (ice cream)
  7. Walings (ice cream)
  8. Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps
  9. Red Bank Cider
  10. Mouse Enterprises (chutneys, pickles, cordials, vinegars)
  11. Mrs Kirkham’s (Lancashire cheese)
  12. Leagrams Organic Dairy (Lancashire cheese)
  13. Dove Syke Cider
  14. Fitzpatricks Temperance Cordials
  15. Provino Wines (Italian wine, but Lancaster based)
  16. Singleton’s Dairy (Lancashire cheese)
  17. Cowman’s Famous Sausage Shop (butcher specialising in sausages)
  18. Smithy Mushrooms
  19. Choc Amor (chocolatiers)
  20. Chutney 4 Change (chutneys, highlighting food waste issues)
  21. Lytham Coffee (roasters)
  22. Lytham Brewery (real ale)
  23. Bowland Brewery (real ale)
  24. Lancaster Brewery (real ale and cider)
  25. Batch (gin distillery)
  26. Simply Cupcakes (bakery specialising in cupcakes)
  27. Baxter’s Potted Shrimp

… and this was without doing any proper research, this is just producers who I could think of whilst sat at my desk! And how many of the above producers have I seen at food festival type events before? TWO. Because heaven knows you need space for four different flavoured cheddar stalls…Anyway, I’ll keep this page updated with information, should anything happen, alternatively if you have any thoughts on this, please send me an email using the form below!